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About HumanEyes Graphic Arts

HumanEyes Graphic Arts provides end-to-end solutions for easy content creation, design and production of printed lenticular projects. Create your own printable 3D, flips and animated images - for advertising, packaging, events etc. - quickly and professionally!

For Printers
An end-to-end solution that covers the entire workflow of lenticular image production from lenticular content creation to interlace and pre-press.
For Designers
A complete design solution giving designers full control over the lenticular design process and enabling them to easily convert 2D projects into 3D for easy production.
For Photographers
A photography tool enabling to capture a scene and then easily turn the sequence into a natural photographic 3D image.

Customer Quotes

  • "The new Producer3D from HumanEyes makes the whole process very streamlined, very efficient, but most of all consistent and repeatable.", Dale Bamford, Impressions International (Australia)

  • "We had the chance to discover HumanEyes Producer3D at DRUPA and were immediately interested in buying it. Over the years we’ve had many customer requests for lenticular. As a result of HumanEyes Producer3D, we are pleased to now be able to offer these capabilities to our customers; becoming the first lenticular printer in Switzerland.", Reynald Krähenbühl, SWISS GRAFIK SA (SWITZERLAND)

  • "Our introduction of new and exclusive products like plastic cards, UV stickers and most recently, 3D/moving image printing using software from HumanEyes Technologies – these are the types of activities that put us apart from other trade printers.", Chris Temov, CJ King (Australia)

  • "We do a lot of 3D work for museums, and once our customers see what HumanEyes Producer3D can do for their images, they absolutely love it. For example, one of our customers is opening an exhibit of old stereographs in a few months. We can blow up the old images and using HumanEyes Producer3D for the 3D special effects, the results are fabulous.", Howard Bryant, creative director, Visual FX (USA)

Sample Projects

Print your lenticular projects in one of the supported file formats with 3D and Flip effects