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HumanEyes 3D was created as a result of a technological breakthrough by Professor Shmuel Peleg, a world renowned figure in Computer Vision and two members of his team, Dr. Moshe Ben-Ezra and Ms. Yael Pritch, from the School of Computer Science and Engineering at the Hebrew University, Israel. The original invention provided a solution to an issue that was considered impossible - the combination of 3D stereo and panorama.

The HumanEyes 3D technology uses mathematical algorithms to create unique projections and reconstruct multiple viewpoints which create the effect of viewing a scene from different directions. The technology is suitable for creating 3D images for print and for presentation on electronic displays / monitors.

This invention led to the development of our HumanEyes 3D software that enables users to use an ordinary digital camera to create stereoscopic 3D images with minimal effort - no special hardware or expertise is necessary. In addition to amazing photographic 3D HumanEyes Technology also simplifies the conversion of 2D images to 3D and all other lenticular effects.

The HET software allows the users to simply mark patches in the interiors of select items in the images. The program then propagates the marks and fills the objects, a tool which is very helpful in contents such as hair or trees in natural scenes. Since layers are not employed in the transformation, this new solution allows for a more natural looking, continuous 3D image where the separation into layers is not seen.

HumanEyes 3D software is easy to use and has the features necessary to create stunning pictures in 3D.

Thanks to the HumanEyes’s technology, we reported a 16% increase in sales in a very short period.

- Shlomi Horn, Tachanat a Hof Haminhara's Managing Director