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Company Profile

HumanEyes Technologies, Ltd., provides a complete, end-to-end solution for creation and printing of 3D and 2D effects. The award-winning company develops software for photographers, graphic artists and printers. HumanEyes Technologies applies vast experience and knowledge in the lenticular segment to engineer software that noticeably enhances creativity and productivity without compromising efficiency and practicality. Extensive Professional Services gets customers up and running – quickly and easily. HumanEyes Technologies is driven by a strong and diversified pool of talent, with worldwide expertise in computer graphics, printing, sales and marketing.With offices in the US, Japan and Europe, HumanEyes is a true multi-national company providing sales, training and support – in close proximity to its customers, and in their native languages.

The invention

HumanEyes solutions were created as a result of a technological breakthrough by Professor Shmuel Peleg, a world renowned figure in Computer Vision and two members of his team, Dr. Moshe Ben-Ezra and Ms. Yael Pritch, from the School of Computer Science and Engineering at the Hebrew University, Israel. The original invention accomplished what had been thought impossible: the combination of 3D stereo and panorama.
The HumanEyes technology uses mathematical algorithms to create unique projections and reconstruct multiple viewpoints which create the effect of viewing a scene from different directions. The technology is suitable for creating 3D images for print and for presentation on electronic displays / monitors.